Personal Training

Let me change the way you train

Personal Training based around Loughton Essex

per session: £45 an hour

Whatever your age, shape or fitness level, our sessions together are tailored specifically to you and your ability. To check we are on the right track I will monitor your progress through a training diary and by how you are feeling.

So prepare to enjoy yourself, get your sweat on and have fun!

Small changes give BIG results

I understand that most people want to reach their goals asap. But to reach and keep a healthy body it’s vital to make small changes gradually. Rushing in and changing everything can have a more negative impact than a positive one. Our sessions will increase your fitness levels at a pace that works for you.

If you do feel anxious or are nervous about starting the sessions, just let me know! My priority is to make sure you feel comfortable and happy.

Please get in touch for a free and friendly consultation.

Do you live in or around Loughton, Essex? Let me bring the gym to you.



A lot of people don’t like the thought of going to a busy gym or training outside. They might have worries or anxieties about other people watching them. For others, it is an easier and quicker way to exercise, without having to leave the house.


If this is you, then I have the solution!


We can achieve exactly the same things in your home as we could in a gym. We don’t need a lot of room, just enough space for you to be able to lie down and not bang your head when jumping! I will bring all the equipment you need.


The most important thing is that you exercise somewhere where you feel comfortable and relaxed.


Removing the guesswork


Each personal Training session lasts for an hour and is based in your own home. The only thing you need to make sure you have is suitable trainers; leave all the equipment to me!


Per session: £45.00


First Steps


The first step after getting into contact with me is a free, no obligation consultation. Which can be held on the phone, online through Skype or FaceTime.  It is a friendly and informal chat about what your goals are and how I can help you achieve them.


Its a good opportunity for you to ask any questions and get to know me better,to see if I am a good fit for you.


Then if you would like to proceed, we can set a start date!



Believe in yourself and you will become unstoppable.