Happier, healthier and stronger than ever before.


Combining nutrition and exercise optimises our chances of achieving your goals.


Both the nutritional and personal training programmes are created just for you to help you achieve your goals in the best possible way. I provide small realistic changes to reach the bigger picture, your long term goals.


Small changes BIG results


The changes that you want to make need to be for a lifetime not just for a month or two. Providing you with small changes over a longer period of time means they are more likely to become part of your normal routine, improving your health forever.


It is important to be patient and not rush in to changing everything to achieve the impossible. This can lead to you slipping backwards and becoming demotivated and less confident.

Come on ladies!  Get in contact and let's get started.


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What to expect


We are all different so it is impossible for me to guarantee a specific outcome by a certain date. It is important for you to manage your expectations to keep you motivated. Focus on how far you have come and what you have achieved.




What's included?


The price combines both the nutrition and personal training sessions together. The number of personal training sessions you would like per week, depends on you. How often you will need a nutriton session depends on a variety of factors, that we would discuss during our consultation. Some people have a session every week, whilst others have one once a month!


Nutrition is either done online, through skype or facetime, over the phone or in your own home. Each session lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour. This also includes any additional small questions you may have between sessions.


The personal training is done in your own home, the only thing you need to have is yourself and some suitable trainers, leave the rest up to me!


Price: for one Personal Training session and one Nutrition session per week = £100 per week.

           For one Personal Training session and a half an hour Nutrition session per week = £75 per week

Be the best version of you.