Nutrition Sessions

Nutrition Sessions

The Good Food Diet: you got to nourish to flourish.


If you are looking to lose weight, fine tune what you eat or want to have a greater understanding about what a healthy lifestyle is, then these are the sessions for you!



We all know that we should be eating a “healthy balanced diet” but many people aren’t sure exactly what that is, particularly when we are bombarded with conflicting advice by the media.  As a qualified nutritionist I can help you to sort the facts from the hype.

Some of us know what we should be eating but don’t, for one reason or another.  I have a particular interest in the psychology of eating and can help you to understand why you are not eating as you would want to or why you are constantly “dieting” but not losing weight.


More than what you eat


Nutrition is not just about you physically, and what you eat everyday but the psychologicial aspects  too. Our sessions are specific to you, your needs and what you need to get out of the sessions.


At the start we will look at certain situations or feelings which may stop you from keeping on track and put plans into place to help prevent it. But if you do drift off track, we will work together to find out why and find a solution for you.

Please get in touch and let's start your journey together

Have your nutrition sessions delivered to you wherever you are


Most people have busy lives and it can be hard to find the time to fit everything in. Doing nutrition sessions online, either through Skype, Facetime or on the phone means you are able to have your session anywhere!

The nutrition sessions can achieve the same things as if we were face to face, without the hassle of having to travel anywhere.

The only thing you need is a phone line or WiFi and a quiet room.


How it works


Each session lasts between 30 minutes to one hour. To begin with I get you to fill in a questionnaire for me, so I have a greater understanding of you, your needs and your health. Depending on what your goals are, you may be asked to keep a food diary over the weeks but don’t worry, its easy to do!


Price:£50.00 for a 1 hour session

          £25.00 for a half an hour session

         1st session is always an hour long.

I started with Emma few months ago as I was concerned about my constant weight gain issues. I was impressed by Emma's individualised, considerate and thorough approach. Emma developed easy-to-follow weekly food plans for me, helped me to set my own goals and work towards them in a way that was comfortable for me. It also suits my busy lifestyle.

When I started following Emma's advice, I found the change was dramatic and I felt better immediately. However the most incredible change was after 8 weeks when my weight had dropped by nearly 5 kg. Our focus was on slow, steady and sustainable weigh loss which would help me in a long run.

I believe that I could not have made these changes without Emma's guidance. I feel like a different person and would recommend Emma without any hesitation to anyone who needs to improve their nutrition and enhance their overall health and well being. Thank you Emma for re-introducing my healthy eating habits and giving me a great understanding of how much eating habits affect our wellbeing and for instilling the confidence in me that a weight loss is possible without starving myself.


- Nutrition Client